While it may seem your child could sleep the whole day away, most kids do not get the sleep they need, especially during the school year. 

The National Sleep Foundation recommends:

Preschool Age: 10-13 hours a night

School Age: 9-11 hours a night

Teenagers: 8-10 hours a night

Getting enough sleep is harder now than ever with extra-curricular activities, homework, and social life. It is important to encourage a healthly life balance now to set good habits for life.


We've got what you need to help kids of all ages feel their best going back to school!

Stock up on first-aid and health and wellness items like:


-Ice packs


-Cold Medicine

-Antibiotic Ointment


-And more!

Don't Wait, Vaccinate! Make sure your child is up to date on their immunizations before heading back to school. Check with your child's school to see if there are new recommendations or changes. Check with your healthcare provider to see if your child is due for any boosters.

How much sleep does my child need per night?

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